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TEL: +971-58-877-0620
FAX: +971-544-670-7169

Sky Legal Chambers has earned an outstanding reputation as a law firm that provides high quality legal services to individuals, companies, banks, and securities firms, particularly in the area of cross-border financial transactions.

Currently, Sky Legal Chambers provides the world’s leading companies with a full range of legal services, from providing legal advice in the preparation and negotiation of agreements so as to prevent possible future disputes, to assisting in commercial dispute resolution, including legal proceedings such as litigation and mediation. In providing these and other services, our lawyers can rely on their expertise in a wide variety of areas, as well as the ability to call upon a global network of top-tier law firms for assistance. Sky Legal Chambers has in recent years been focused on litigation, with an increased number of cases accompanying recent societal changes, and has, in various fields, steadily achieved excellent results for our clients. Sky Legal Chambers’s overall practice is currently evenly divided between domestic and international legal matters.

In recent decades, the legal environment has changed at an unexpectedly rapid pace due to societal changes and major judicial reforms. We have flexibly dealt with these changes, and, whatever changes are in store for the future, we will continue to strive to provide our clients with an even higher level quality of legal services, without losing the sight of the fact that our responsibility as legal professionals should be to contribute toward fairness and justice in our society through a tireless focus on serving our clients.